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How to get the most out of your investment?

Cleaning and Bed Making Tips

Buy the next duvet size up and beds with storage underneath to keep your spare linen and get those crisp hospital corners. For properties in the heart of city, sleep packs can help your guests to get a restful night’s sleep.


It’s incredibly important to ensure that your photography truly reflects the experience of a guest. Dressing the table for breakfast or dinner, with a glass of bubbly, magazines on coffee tables showing how people can enjoy your holiday let will help you to increase your booking levels.


It’s easy when you have a holiday let to get sucked into designing a home for yourself, what all successful holiday lets have in common is that they are both beautiful and practical. Simple choices such as ensuring your property seats the same amount of people it sleeps. Do you have the option of a sofa bed to increase the number of guests you can accommodate? While bespoke furnishings can really elevate your holiday home, what you must remember is that if any bespoke pieces require replacement this can give you an extensive lead time for furniture delivery, resulting in challenges for your subsequent bookings.


Tend to get a bad reputation when it comes to holiday lets. With the fear that a guest with a dog could cause significant damage. What you need to know if

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